From the mind behind Charlie Stone Shoes comes a passion project dedicated to living an eternal summer dream through tropical designs inspired by our family's heritage.


"Hi, I'm Sam. I've always felt most at home in the tropical heat, surrounded by palm trees and frangipanis, sunshine and humidity (seriously). Maybe part of it is influenced by my family's history, where some generations were born and raised in the Solomon Islands, a country made up of Melanesian islands right near Papua New Guinea.

Honiara Vintage is a reflection of the wild youthfulness and joy that summer brings, and is a tribute to the generations of strong and sassy women in my family who grew up in the capital of the Solomon Islands - Honiara."


Manufacturing ethically

We manufacture our shoes with the same boutique factory in China that we have worked with since day one. Predominantly serving Australian brands, our factory is operated by a small, young and forward-thinking team who we have worked closely with over the years to perfect our designs and ways of working to minimise impact to the environment. We love working with them because of their commitment to maintaining excellence in their work environment, worker conditions and wages, focus on quality and 'slow manufacturing' (rather than fast mass productions that create a lot of waste), and consistent updating of equipment and manufacturing techniques to minimise impact on the environment. 

Doing our best to minimise our footprint

If you've ever bought from us, you'll know that the way we package our shoes is a little different from others. We've reduced 48% of paper packaging versus the traditional way of packing shoes, only using recycled tissue paper where absolutely necessary to protect the shoes. 

We also do our best to package all orders in fully compostable mailing bags from (who also plant trees in Indonesia on our behalf when we order from them!), or recycled cartons.