We currently have 2 shipping methods

1) FREE & RECOMMENDED: E-Packet (slow but minimises duties/tax fees)
  • Cost: free!
  • Delivery time: 2-4 weeks after dispatch
  • Does not require signature - PO Boxes/Parcel Lockers allowed. Choose this option if you want to authorise your parcel to be left at your door.
  • Usually lower duties/VAT charges: while this option is slower, it usually incurs minimal and in some cases no import duties/VAT. You may want to consider this option if you live in Europe or the US.

2) UPS/Fedex (fast but usually has higher duties/tax fees)

  • Cost: $30 per pair, or free for orders over $200
  • Delivery time: 1-2 weeks after dispatch
  • Requires signature - NO PO BOXES/PARCEL LOCKERS. Please ensure it is an address where someone will be available to sign and accept the parcel. Please keep in mind any lockdown restrictions in your city that may impact access to your address (e.g. business addresses)
  • Potentially higher duties/VAT charges: the express couriers tend to incur higher import duties/VAT, so if you are in Europe or the US, please keep this in mind as you may want to choose the e-Packet option to minimise fees

Other things to note

  • Where do we ship from? Our warehouse is close to Hong Kong where most major international shipments transition. This allows us to maintain a balanced delivery timing across all the regions we send to - from down south in Australia and New Zealand, across to the US and all the way upwards to Europe.
  • Missed a delivery and now it's being sent back to us? We will resend your parcel upon repayment of postage 
  • Customs duties/taxes: we do not cover customs duties or taxes that your customs office charges and cannot estimate what might be charged by your customs office. Customs duties/VAT is most commonly applied in Europe. The table below is a rough guide of some country thresholds, however please keep in mind this is only a guide based on what information we can find.
  • If you refuse to pay customs fees and the parcel is sent back to us, please note there is a $30 restocking fee.
Country Duty applies if value is GST/VAT applies if value is GST/VAT rate
Australia over 1000 AUD over 1000 AUD 10% 
Canada over 20 CAD over 20 CAD 5%
Denmark over 1150 DKK over 80 DKK  25%
Finland over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 24%
France over 150 EUR over 0 EUR 20%
Germany over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 19%
Italy over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 22%
Japan over 10000 JPY over 10000 JPY 10%
Korea over 150 USD over 150 USD 10%
Netherlands over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 21%
New Zealand over 1000 NZD over NZD 15%
Norway over 350 NOK over 350 NOK 25%
Spain over 150 EUR over 22 EUR 21%
Sweden over 1600 SEK over 0 SEK 25%
Switzerland over 5 CHF over 0 CHF 8%
United Kingdom over 135  GBP over 15 GBP 20%
United States over 100 USD over 100 USD varies by state